Recent Projects

el anatsui El Anatsui installation, Channel 4, London 2008

05-05-2008 to 05-01-2009

Working with a team of other fabricators to create the surface of the Channel 4 symbol as designed by El Anatsui.

clocks burning Burning The Clocks 2003-2008

15-12-2003 to 21-12-2008

Annual Winter Solstice lantern parade attracting an audience of over 20,000 for the beach front fire show and fireworks finale.

Something wishful 'Something Wishful' Chester 2008

11-12-2008 to 13-12-2008

The Oracle Christmas light launch 2008

20-11-2008 to 22-11-2008

A nighttime outdo.or spectacular of lighting, pyrotechnics and performance

The Bell

18-10-2008 to 24-10-2008

ragroof Shall we dance? Ragroof Theatre 2008

13-07-2008 to 30-09-2008

A versatile tea dance event with outdoor dance floor.

Silk Screens, Manchester 2008

17-07-2008 to 19-07-2008

A celebration of British Chinese Culture across 4 cities involving theatre and live multi media screenings.

The Bell, summer tour 2008

08-05-2008 to 04-07-2008

paradise gardens Paradise Gardens

24-05-2008 to 25-05-2008

Albert patrolled the event making sure that the participants at this 21st Century Pleasure Garden were on their best behaviour.

Spin Vox Spinvox 'Wishing Well' 2008

05-12-2008 to 07-01-2008

Working with a team of other fabricators to Build, install and de-rig Spinvox's Wishing Well structure.

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