Gabriel astride Albert the Ogre, a bespoke stilt walking characterPerformance

Gabriel specialises in stilt characters, combining fantastic costumes with comedy interactions.
He has been tottering around on stilts for years since running away with the circus 13 years ago.
The in-house costume-slave is able to make specific character outfits for companies and events.
Gabriel is happy to facilitate stilt workshops, is CRB cleared, and has public liability insurance.

Gabriel is also experienced in pyrotechnic performance, having worked on many shows in Europe over the last couple of years.

Who likes him

"Gabriel's Ogre costume is superb, kids and grown-ups loved it and interacted with him whenever he appeared. The Ogre is big, nicely scarey and convincing, and has a strong visual impact."   Sian Thomas, director of celebrations, Winchester hat Fair.

"Loved seeing the Ogre, can't wait to have him again- the attention to detail is superb, the character is fantastic fun and he is just so BIG! It's going to go down a storm."   Cat Loriggio, Market Harborough Arts Fresco.

Who he's worked for

Sydney Festival, BBC Television, Edinburgh Festival, Continental Drifts, Glastonbury Festival, Zap Productions, The World Famous, Small Wonder, Groupe F, Big In Falkirk, Winchester Hat Fair,  Same Sky,  Neighbourhood Watch Stilts International, Thames festival, Va Va Va Voom,  Market Harborough Arts Fresco, Lewisham Peoples' Day, Brighton Festival.

Watch a video of Albert the Ogre in action >>

Some of Gabriel's performance projects >>

The Criossant Neuf Big Top, Glastonbury FestivalDécor

Gabriel established himself in venue décor in early 1999. Since then he has accumulated a huge range of props and materials.
Every year he dresses the Croissant Neuf Big Top at Glastonbury Festival, and the main venues at the Big Green Gathering.
Many club nights, gigs, venues and festival marquees have been dressed throughout the UK and Europe over the last few years.
Almost any space can be catered for, from small rooms to giant tents.
Also special occasions, such as weddings and parties, with venues being dressed in particular themes or colours.
For example; Japanese, butterflys, romantic, glamorous, oriental, burlesque, disco.
All materials are flame- proofed and props are produced to a high standard.

Who he's worked for

Rocket Festival Spain, Lewisham Council, Glastonbury Festival, The Concorde Brighton, Croissant Neuf Circus, Continental Drifts, Headmix Collective, Decorum, Bohemihen, Shoot Bamboo, Hanbury Ballroom Brighton, Greenbelt, Lost Vagueness

Some of Gabriel's décor projects >>

Chinese lantern style coach lit from withinLighting

Gabriel specialises in 12 volt electrics and lighting, catering particularly for out-door events. He has facilitated master classes in processional and carnival lighting.

Gabriel has also worked on 240volt lighting for indoor and outdoor theatrical shows and events.

What he can supply

Battery powered, safe costume lighting for performers and participants in carnival processions and shows.
Small lantern lighting systems for night-time childrens parades.
Lighting for larger 'makes' such as giant processional lanterns and floats.
Mains powered show and event lighting.

Who he's worked for

Thames Festival, Lewisham Council, Electric Palace Hastings, Ryde Council Isle of Wight, Same Sky Brighton, Radiator Hastings, Aberdyffi Summer Festival, Celtica Mid Wales, Wicked Faerie Productions

Some of Gabriel's lighting projects >>

The Temple pyrotechnic installationProduction

Gabriel has been involved in the production of events for the last 15 years.
His areas of experience include rigging, pyrotechnics, crewing, lighting, production management, and site management.
All transport, tools and equipment can be provided for a large variety of jobs in the production of events and shows.

Who he's worked for

Sydney Festival, BBC Television, MTV, Glastonbury Festival, The World Famous, Emergency Exit Arts,  Small Wonder, Fabrica Brighton, The Green Roadshow,  Same Sky Brighton, Radiator Hastings, Thames Festival, Croissant Neuf Circus, Elemental Earth Wales,  Aberdyffi Summer Festival, Zap Productions, Groupe F.

Some of Gabriel's production projects >>

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